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Jack Christopher Sparks - Scepter Bearer.JPG

Scepter Bearer

Master Jack Christopher Sparks


Master Jack is the son of Mr. Chris Sparks and Mrs. Laura Carey Sparks of Harlingen.   Jack is entering 4th grade at St. Alban’s Episcopal School. He loves baseball, tennis, playing the guitar, welding, and playing at the farm.


Jack’s family history in agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley goes back four generations. Jack’s great-grandparents, Sam and Seanne Sparks, began farming in the Rio Grande Valley more than 75 years ago. Today, Jack’s family farms cotton, corn, grain, and sugarcane in Cameron and Willacy County. They also own and operate Briggs Coleman Seed Co., a Pioneer seed dealership in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Jack and his dad manage a small calf operation as an educational hobby and fun activity.

Bristol Kay Wilde - Little Princess.JPG

Little Princess

Miss Bristol Kay Wilde 


Princess Bristol is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Wilde of Lyford.  Bristol Kay is entering 5th grade at The Trinity School. She loves caring for her hamster, Ruffles, collecting all things Tiger, searching for bugs in the garden and practicing archery

alongside her dad.

Bristol’s family comes from 3 generations of farmers in Willacy County. Her maternal grandparents, Richard and Wanda Whitworth are also involved in farming in Willacy County. Currently, the Wilde family farms cotton, grain, corn and sugarcane.

Lily James Dickerson - Little Princess.JPG

Little Princess

Miss Lily James Dickerson


Princess Lily is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Dickerson of Weslaco.  Lily is entering the 4th grade at Calvary Christian School. Some of Lily’s interests and hobbies are horseback riding, art, 4H, basketball, hunting, reading and exploring.

Lily's great, great, great grandparents were Weslaco pioneers. William Boles’ family arrived in the Rio Grande Valley by train in 1917 from Oklahoma and settled as farmers north of Weslaco. Lily’s dad, Dustin Dickerson, farms some of the original farmland that was purchased in the early 1900s. Lily's great grandfather, Utah Dickerson, grew up in San Perlita, and started farming at Rio Farms in the early 1950's. Her grandparents then settled in the Mid Valley area; they farmed cotton, grain, vegetables, sugarcane, and citrus. Her grandfather, Barry Dickerson, continued with the farming business. Her father, Dustin Dickerson joined the farm in 2000. Dustin is a 5th generation farmer in the Mid Valley area.

Hayes William Johnson - Crown Bearer.JPG

Crown Bearer

Master Hayes William Johnson


Master Hayes William Johnson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cody Johnson of Harlingen.  

Hayes is entering fourth grade at Calvary Christian School.  Hayes loves playing baseball, basketball, hunting and fishing. He enjoys reading, especially books about history. Hayes also likes watching the Star Wars and Avengers movies.

Haye’s agricultural roots run deep, starting with his great great grandfather who immigrated from Sweden to Minnesota in the 1900s. Shortly after in 1918, he purchased land in Willacy County. His great grandfather Alden kept Johnson Farms going, and his Pappaw, Lynn Johnson continues the farming tradition in both Willacy and Cameron County. Hayes’ great grandmother’s family also farmed both cotton and vegetables in the Santa Rosa area. Hayes’ father, Cody, has worked alongside farmers in ag chemical sales for more than a decade for Bayer, Wilbur Ellis and FMC.

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