In the 67 years since its inception, the primary objective of the Algodón Club has been to support and promote the cotton industry of the Rio Grande Valley. Over the years, one of the leading ways the Algodón Club has shown its encouragement is by awarding scholarships to outstanding Valley students who demonstrate academic achievement, are involved in extra-curricular activities, and who plan to pursue an agriculture related career. Through the giving of these scholarships, the Algodón Club provides for the cotton industry's most valuable resource - tomorrow’s agribusiness leaders


This year, it is with sincere gratitude for your generous contributions that we were able to raise and award $31,000 in scholarships. The Algodón Club takes great pride and pleasure in presenting these funds to the following distinguished graduating seniors of the Class of 2020 and 2021.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Melissa Cantu.jpg

Melissa Cantu

Rice University

Rowdy Sandoval.jpeg

Rowdy Sandoval

Texas A&M University 

Sydney Powelson.JPG

Sydney Powelson

Texas A&M University 

Madison Kromer.JPG

Madison Kromer

Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Alexandra Salinas.JPG
Audrey Blaine Brunnemann.jpeg
Karen Waters.JPG

Alexandra Salinas

Audrey  Brunnemann

Karen Waters

Schreiner University

Texas A&M University 

Texas Tech University

Elizabeth Quintanilla.jpg

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Texas Tech University

Hannan Grace Vaughan.JPG

Hanna Vaughn

Texas A&M University 

Claire Lee.jpeg

Claire Lee

Texas A&M University 

Claudette Joe.jpg

Claudette Joe

The University of Texas

2021 Scholarship Recipients

kelly sade cash.jpg

Sade Cash

Texas A&M University

Cooper Ford Headshot.jpg

Cooper Ford

Texas A&M University

connor chappell.jpg

Connor Chappell

Texas A&M University 

jackson parker galvan.png

Parker Galvan

Texas Tech University

Derek de la Garza.JPG

Derek De La Garza

Texas A&M University - McAllen

Marexy Guerra.jpeg

Marexy Guerra

Texas Tech University

cameron eriksmoen.jpg

Cameron Ericksmoen

Texas A&M University

andrea harvey.jpg

Andrea Harvey

Texas A&M University

kylie sellman.jpg

Kylie Sellman

Texas A&M University

gunnar vaughan.jpg

Gunnar Vaughan

Texas A&M University

summer wade.jpeg

Summer Wade

Texas A&M University - McAllen